A page is loaded from two different places. 
1st call:
<a href=cribsheet.html?action=*> 
2nd call: 
<a href=cribsheet.html?action=*&download=txt> 

Inside cribsheet.html: 
if ( $action == '*') { 
 if ( isset( $download ) { 
   downloadFile( $download ); 
echo '<html>';
echo '<head>';
echo '</body> ';
echo '</html>';

function downloadFile( $type ) { 
  header ... 
  $fp = fopen( "$txtfile", "r" ); 
   fpassthru( $fp ); 
/* need "exit" else the rest of the script is output as well */ 

On the first call everything is fine. 
On the 2nd call (of course) the script stops execution. even sending 
"header( Location: otherfile.html)" won't work 'cos I get a msg saying 
headers already sent. 

I *think* my problem is working out how to structure which file contains what 
but for the life of me I can't figure it out - just go round in circles.


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