on 4/25/02 1:58 PM, Miguel Cruz at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Leif K-Brooks wrote:
> Is there some array wildcard I can use?  In other words, I have an array.
> Is there any wildcard function/character that will let me test to see if a
> string matches anything in that  array?  Thanks

http://php.net/in_array ?


One more question.  Is  there any way to use this with part of a string?
function checkfruitlove($string){
$fruitarray = array("apples","oranges");
if($string == "I love ".in_array($fruitarray)."!"){
$return = "I do too!";
$return = "I don't!";
return $return;
$answer = chechfruitlove("I love apples!"); //returns "I do too!"
$answer = chechfruitlove("I love oranges!"); //returns "I do too!"
$answer = chechfruitlove("I love pears!"); //returns "I don't!" 

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