You can POST forms transparently between servers by using sockets.
Basically, your PHP file will simply send the POSTed data to a page and
will read it after that. Then you parse the ASP output and vuala!

Start here:

Good Luck!

Maxim Maletsky
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> From: Purple Tiger [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2002 9:37 PM
> Subject: [PHP] getting a string from an external asp file
> This has probably been answered somewhere else, but I'm bashing my
> against a wall trying to find the answer.
> I'm trying to call an external ASP file from a different server (for
> e-commerce authorisation) and send POST data to it.  The ASP will
> only a string (ie prints it!!) and I need to get this into a variable
so I
> can process it.
> I assume I can't use a FORM for this as the ASP doesn't return HTML
> I've tried EXEC, but to no avail and need some help here.
> Thanks in advance.
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