I'm trying to do urlencode/urldecode:
my $layer[] contains: aban_railroads, airport_runways2001, blk_grps
this is what IE shows in my address window when I do the redirection:
It means that these 3 elements are there, however I tried both
1. unserialize($layer)
2. urldecode(unserial...)
inside updateHTML.php but still I get:
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
/rstc/user1/erc/pushkar/gis/mcrgdl/updateHTML.php on line 68

This is how I do redirect:
."updateHTML.php?layer=" . urlencode(serialize($layer)) );

What could be wrong?
> > I was just reading urlencode.php, shouldn't the complementary function be
> > urldecode() like the document. says,
> > well unserialize must be working too, I believe you.
> I'm pretty sure the urldecoding happens automatically. If you get funny
> results then it's worth sticking it in to see what happens.
> miguel

-Pushkar S. Pradhan

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