I am using PHP to access a mysql database.  I was told that what I need to 
do needs to be done in PHP and not mysql.  I can get mysql to order things 
like this:
Select * from $temp2 where sea_id = '$sea_id' order by pts DESC
The problem is that if there is a tie (as in ranking 4 and 5 below), I need 
to run another query to check to see if something else has happened and if 
it happened, than that team would be a higher rank than the other.  It is 
possible to have more than 2 teams tieing too.  So I have to be able to 
determine what order the teams should be in.

Division Standings
16210OSC Spirit Gold3959 3524
25400KC Legends White I3043 412
34410OSC Spirit White2751 510
43420BV Stars Gold II2439 48-9
53420BV Stars Gold I2441 52-11
62521KC Legends White II1843 48-5

Thank You in advance

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