Excuse me, you're right.  I was using this include as a "preprocess" step as
I was using ; to seperate arguments in the query string like this

The preprocess step was breaking them apart and then I was doing this:

$start = isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['s']) ? $HTTP_GET_VARS['s'] : '';

Then back in index I did a if ($start == "somevalue")

However, with 4.2, the $start is no longer populated.

If I add an echo $start; right after the include, in 4.1.2 and below, it
would echo the value of $start but now it keeps turning up empty.

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Subject: RE: [PHP] 4.2 new GLOBALS question

> > I am working on an odler script which loads up in index.php and a URL
> is
> > passed usually like index.php?s=something
> >
> > Now, around line 10 of index.php I do an include that pulls the value
> of s
> > via HTTP_POST_VARS and then I dump it into $start.
> What do you mean you "dump it into $start"?? Where is $start coming
> from? Also, if you are using index.php?s=something, then 's' will be in
> HTTP_GET_VARS or _GET ...not POST.
> ---John Holmes...

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