Hi all..

  I've been trying to understand actually what is the error in the following code for 
2 hours, i played with the code, moved stuff around and the like but nothing worked.. 
Can someone help me please?

The PHP error is as follow:

Parse error: parse error in /usr/home/iro/numripps.php on line 13

  $query = "SELECT handle from x";
  $res = mysql_query($query);
  while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($res)) {
      $xquery = "SELECT handle from husers WHERE handle like '$row[handle]'";
      $xres = mysql_query($xquery);
      $chck = mysql_num_rows($xres);
      if (!$chck) {
          $zquery = "SELECT name from users WHERE handle like '$row[handle]';
          $zres = mysql_query($zquery);
          $zrow = mysql_fetch_array($zres);
          $user = $zrow[name]; 
          $query = "INSERT into husers values (\'$row[handle]\' , \'$user\')";

When i changes the " " of the line 13 for ' '
there is another error but thise time after the ?>.. Where did i go wrong? i see 
nothing wrong in here.
(Btw i know my code is ugly but it's still suposed to work.)

Thanks in advance if you help me.

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