On Sat, 27 Apr 2002, Ray Paseur 703.346.0600 wrote:
> I am storing several detailed images at about 400x400 pixels (inventory
> for an art gallery).  I show a page with thumbnails of the images.  When
> a site visitor clicks on a thumbnail, I open a separate window to
> display the detailed image.
> Presently I am storing two copies of each image - full size and thumb.
> My objective is to store only one copy of each image - full size.  (The
> rationale behind this is a complicated story involving old gallery
> owners, digital cameras, rudimentary image editing skills, etc.)
> I want the server to read the full size image, but resize it down to the
> thumbnail size before sending it, thus saving transmission time.
> Are there any server-side applications that can handle this?

You could use ImageMagick (particularly, the 'convert' program) to do this
but decent results are not fast (not that it'll take several seconds or
anything, but it does take a certain amount of time, and everything adds

If you want to do this on the fly, I'd suggest having it save the 
thumbnails when they're generated so that the next time someone comes, it 
doesn't have to go through the process again.


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