Hello, fans of GUI development!

PHP-GTK 0.5.1 also known as "hardboiled wonderland" has escaped from the
CVS holding pen. Be on the lookout. The identifying features are:

    - changed gdkwindow::set_cursor() to allow reverting the cursor to
      default one. (Andrei)
    - fixed gtk::input_add() for pre-streams PHP versions. (Andrei)
    - adapted build system to work with the new PHP build system.
    - made gtk::input_add() work with PHP streams. (Andrei)
    - fixed gtkscintilla::marker_add() return type. (Alan)
    - fixed property and method access on GdkBitmap. (Andrei)
    - fixed a crash bug in gtkclist::append() when size of input was
      greater than the number of columns. (Markus)

Consider it armed with features and extremely addicting. More
information can be found at http://gtk.php.net/.



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