On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, The_RadiX wrote:

> Hmm
> > because $SERVER_NAME is created IF the php
> > directive register_globals = on.  this setting
> > is off by default as of PHP 4.2.0.  all
> > server predefined variables behave this way,
> > such as $PHP_SELF, etc.
> Yes so I've heard... One thing though.. 
> I use PHP4.1.1... not 4.2.x
> Anywayz will try the $_SERVER[xxx] trick

Please realize that it doesn't matter what version 
you're using, I was just saying "the default." So, 
you should go see what your settings are via the 
wonderful phpinfo() function.  In fact, phpinfo will 
show you the values of many predefined variables 
Which ones exist depends on the particular web 
server.  If a var exists at all, phpinfo will tell 

$_SERVER is an array of all web server predefined 
variables.  As is $HTTP_SERVER_VARS.  At least one 
of these will always be available (nobody uses 4.0.2- 
anymore right? Phew, no need to bring up track_vars 
then :)

Philip Olson

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