Hi PHP digest readers.
Ok I have a problem and a question which I am certain many share and
even a solution to my problem, however I wish to hear how you dealt with
this issue to see if there is a better method. 
Ok for my problem, it is regarding a smilie system. Currently what
happens is if people post :P:P:P:P:P:P etc.. etc.. then the text field
expands to an ugly length. My current solution which I don't really like
is to limit the number of smiles which a person is allowed to use. Can
anyone propose a better solution than this? i.e. wrap them using PHP or
maybe I coded my html poorly which is why my table is expanding?
Secondly my question on a similar note whether to convert smilies at
runtime, or when a person submits a post? The beneifits at runtime is
less space used in the DB, and no worring about converting the converted
post back when it is needed to be edited, however with this method the
server has to do more processing in converting smilies each time the
post is viewed and vise versa.
Thanks for your time, and I anticipate any light which can be shed on
this issue.

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