Mark Pelillo wrote:

> I am a Newbie at PHP
> I am sure I am missing something small but...
> I am trying to create a form selection box which an alphabetically sort
> list of a unix group file.
> The group file has the format groupname::groupnumber:
> I have tried to create an array using the array=fgetcsv($fp, 30, ":")
> which does read each line of the file.  I have used this line in a while
> loop and also a for loop, but everytime I exit the loop, the array now
> has no information.
> I found if the change the line to be array[]=fgetcsv($fp, 30, ":") then
> I can exit the loops but now how do extract only the group names from
> the array and be able to sort them.
> Ideally what I would like to do is create an array where the keys =
> group number and value = groupname. I need to be able to natsort the
> values and display in the selection form box.

Well lets try....
$OutputArray = array(); //Create an array to the output
$fp = fopen ("yourgroupfile","r");  //Open the groupfile
while ($d = fgetcsv ($fp, 1000, ":")) { //While loop as long there is some
    $OutputArray[$d[2]] = $d[0];  //Set groupid as key, and groupname as
} //end of while
fclose ($fp); //close file
print_r($OutputArray); //Print out the array, to check the values!

Please reply if this doesn't work?
By the way... if you got further problems, please tell us which version of
PHP you use.....


Johan Holst Nielsen

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