(yes, newbie - but I *have* tried everything I know, I swear)

I'm trying to write a "comments" system for my site (because I think I 
can).  Basically, the script receives the ID of a particular entry (the 
site is a blog) via "?entry_id=<entry_id>".  It checks to see if there's 
a corresponding text file (<entry_id>.txt) and if so, it prints the 
contents of the text file and invites the user to input a comment.  If 
not, it prints "no comments" and invites the user... yadda yadda.

Now, unless I'm mistaken, passing the arguments are done like so: 

Unfortunately, it doesn't work.  That is to say, everything about the 
script works, except recognition of the $entry_id variable.  Something 
as simple as: <title>comments for entry "<?php echo("$entry_id"); 
?>"</title> returns "<title>comments for entry ""</title>.

Saving the text file's URL to a variable:
$filename = http://www.foo.com/$entry_id; .txt;

Doesn't work either.

I had a semi-hunch (brought on by my own inexperience, no doubt) that 
maybe I had to start a session or something on the referring page. Tried 
that (session_start();), didn't have any effect.  Bah.

Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong?


Mark Gallagher

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