I'm new to this list, though not new to PHP.  I'm hoping that my
question hasn't been answered a thousand times before, and I did at
least search on NameVirtualHost and read all those archived messages
before getting to this point.

I have an Apache web server (1.0.38) that has been peacefully
co-existing with php4 for quite some time.  I've interfaced it to mySQL,
and life was great.

Then, I came up with the brilliant idea to used Named Virtual Hosts
rather than using up all my IP addresses.  I did all according to the
instructions I had, and the "virtual" part of things worked fine.
www.hostone.net showed its proper page, as did www.hosttwo.net. 

But....  It broke php.  When I go to a php page now, it show's the code
rather than executing it.  I've verified that this behavior happens
across all the web pages, incuding the "main" one that isn't

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

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