I am unable to install PHP 4.2 functionality into my RH 7.0/Apache 1.3

I downloaded the 4.2 source.  The INSTALL file provides 2 options: DSO and
static.  I was unable to create the DSO version because the file "apxs" is
nowhere to be found on my system.  I should mention that I installed the
original Apache/PHP/mysql combination from the RH 7.0 RPM binaries.  If I
infer correctly, according to the PHP INSTALL file, it appears that I would
need to create Apache from source in order to retrieve this "apxs" file.  Is
this true?
FYI: per the instructions, my system does have the mod_so.c module.

To create the static version of PHP to be run by Apache, it also appears I
need to create Apache from scratch.

I created PHP 4.2 with the following configuration statement
./configure --enable-discard-path --enable-safe-mode --enable-ftp --enable-m
bstring --enable-overload --enable-shmop --enable-sockets --enable-sysvsem -
-enable-sysvshm --with-mysql --with-readline --with-regex

This created a stand-alone PHP binary which executes correctly from the
command line (I first moved the binary PHP to /usr/sbin).  However, when I
execute PHP scripts from within Apache, it uses the older 4.0.1p12 version
which came from the RPM.

Question: where to from here?  Must I install Apache from source to create
the DSO or static version (I prefer DSO, because that's what I've been
running)?  Or, since I do not have the apxs file, is that something that
somebody can send to me?

Or am I SOL...

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