Thanks for the suggestion Miguel, i tried it and got a result of 95 on both
tests which is the underscore character. bizare



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On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, baldey_uk wrote:
> At the moment im getting a difference in keymappings between what is typed
> into a field and what is stored in the database. I have an html form that
> gets a text string called $email and this is inserted into a VARCHAR
> database feild via php, the problem is when special characters are
> in the email address. For example [EMAIL PROTECTED] gets stored in
> database as baldey\[EMAIL PROTECTED] Has anyone seen this before? Is this a
> PHP or mysql issue? Do i have to set special options to use a UK keymap or
> something like that? If anyone has any links to docs that deal with this
> sort of thing i'd really appreciate them!!

You might want to do some detective work to hone in on what's really going

Before storing the string into the database, print out the actual numeric
code for each character by looping over the string with ord().

Then do the same when you pull the data out of the database. Hopefully
that'll help narrow down where this is happening.


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