On Monday 29 April 2002 17:44, r wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Special greetings to all my new PHP list pals, you know who you are.
> Sorry to be so mysterious in the subject line but i dont know how to
> explain this in one line.
> ever visit a site and you get this text (Or something like this...heheh)
> "This morning shockingly Bill Gates claims he is broke!
> The kooky billionaire is.......(link)subscribe / login to read this fully."

> Basically, its querying the database and instead of displaying the whole
> results it just taking the first 2 lines or X number of characters and then
> adding the link stuff.....any idea how to do this?

You yourself have already outlined how to do it:

  get text from db
  get the first 100 chars from the text
  drop the last 'word' (it may be incomplete), using explode(), array_pop()

You may have to refine the process to suit your needs.

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