Thanks to all for your kind attention.
What I need is exactly what Miguel Cruz wrote.
What I wanted to do was a multidelete, eg:
I show the content of a table in a php page and near every row I put a
checkbox binding its checked value with ID column.
When I submit a form I send the form vars to the script that deletes the
rows checked from the DB.
Till now I used the escamotage described by David Freeman with this variant:
ID_N (where N is integer).
Then I split("_", "ID_N"), got the second elemnt of the array and then build
the string "ID=5 OR ID=6 ..."
But I didn't like it, it seemed not very "elegant" to me.

By the way does someone know where can I find some technical information on
how GET or POST parameters are passed (HTTP specs?) and handled by various
scripting languages (APIs?) ?


> PS nice name ;)


"Evan Nemerson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ha scritto nel messaggio
> Thats because that query string is like saying:
> $ID = 5;
> $ID = 6;
> $ID = 23;
> If this is a form that you can't change the ID field names to ID1, ID2,
> etc. (which would probably be best) you could try something like:

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