On Monday 29 April 2002 21:40, Peter Revill wrote:

> Im not even sure myself, linux on 2.2.14 on what should be a redhat box
> i know theres a command something like dsmod to get the info, hmm..

Never mind, as long as you're reasonably sure it's a RH system you're running 
on .

> >Have you checked that you have the file "linux/errno.h" anywhere in your
> >system?
> yes, but it wasnt around, errno.h was, but not errno.h like that

So there's your problem :)

> i found the kernel-headers package, but it msut be damaged or something
> (rpm --query says it exists, but i have my doubts as to the files still
> existing)

  rpm -ql kernel-headers

Would show you what files "kernel-headers" had installed.

> is it OK to install kernel headers of a diffirent kernel number?

I don't know. But if you do try it, let us know what happens :)

> i.e. if i install kernel-headers 2.4.1 or wahtever is that ok? or will
> that cause problems?
> (im betting money on it will cause problems)

If there aren't any special reasons, I would just use the corresponding 
headers for your kernel.

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