Nick Wilson wrote:

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> Hi all
> I want to get started with xml/xslt, I've read a few things about
> sablotron but am unsure what support my host is running.
> If any of you know anything about this subject would you be kind enough
> to look at the phpinfo() I've set up here:
> and let me know your thoughts as
> to what i have/need to get cracking?

it seems you have this:

when you read this manual you'll find that it's said there for this type 
of xml functions expat is used, and the phpinfo says something about expat.

further on, this type of xml support is turned on with the configure 
command --with-xml, which you see on the very top of the output of 

xslt seems not to be supported by your provider, dunno how you can still 
use it, but i heard of some php classes that do xml things without those 
modules, but dunno again if they do something with xslt, too.

what you need to get started must be said in conjunction with the task 
you have to solve, read the manual and find you a good tutorial if you 
just want to play around.

and look for xslt functions in the manual to find out more about this.


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