Hi all, 

I'm trying to make the script below run, it is supposed to 
print a message and then wait for user input and then print
another message and wait again.   

Instead, what it is doing is waiting for all the user input to 
be entered before printing anything, and once entered printing 
all of the messages and all of the input... 

I associated php-cli.exe with all .php files and have tried running
it from command line with -a, -f, -q and < testscript.php ...  

What am I doing wrong?   (I remember I once had this type of thing
working back around PHP 4.04)



function read () { 
# 4092 max on win32 fopen 

$fp=fopen("php://stdin", "r"); 

# strip newline 
(PHP_OS == "WINNT") ? ($read = str_replace("\r\n", "", $in)) : ($read =
str_replace("\n", "", $in)); 

return $read; 

function multilineread () { 
do { 
$in = read(); 

# test exit 
if ($in == ".") return $read; 

# concat input 
(PHP_OS == "WINNT") ? ($read = $read . ($read ? "\r\n" : "") . $in) :
($read = $read . "\n" . $in); 

} while ($inp != "."); 

return $read; 

print("End input with . on line by itself.\n"); 

print("What is your first name?\n"); 
$first_name = multilineread(); 

print("What is your last name?\n"); 
$last_name = read(); 

print("\nHello, $first_name $last_name! Nice to meet you! \n"); 

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