"Stuart Dallas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Print the SQL statement $query just before you call mssql_query() - make
> sure the SQL going in is what you think it is. Also, check
> mssql_affected_rows() after the call to make sure something was modified.

It is writing the proper $query.  The reason for the error is missing "[]"
around the table and field names.  I don't know why this didn't throw an
error in other parts of the script but it works fine now that I added them.

> > Replace the die("...") with die(mysql_error()) and the message should
> > you what's wrong.
> It never gets to the die("...") statement.  The script is returning a
> positive integer from the mssql_query() function. I am not seeing it ever
> throw an error.  It just doesn't delete.
> Here is the URL of the running script:
> http://www.acsurf.net/php_db/sql_test.php.  I am trying to delete the
> username josh.

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