I understand that PHP has experimental extension for sockets. I am
currently running both versions 4 and 4.1.2 on Windows machines, but I
have read that in order to use the socket functions, the
--enable-sockets option must be enabled at compile time. My problem is
the of the "undefined function: socket_create()" variety. I guess I
don't support sockets :(

An article on DevShed.com says that <quote> Windows users get a
pre-built binary with their distribution</quote>. Is this true? If I
update to 4.2 will sockets be supported? If not, is it even worth
compiling it on Windows (is it even possible)?

Thanks and please excuse my ignorance!


PS: I just noticed on [http://www.php.net/downloads.php] that the
following file can be downloaded:

PHP 4.2.0 zip package [4,898Kb] - 22 April 2002
(CGI binary plus server API versions for Apache, AOLserver, ISAPI and
NSAPI. MySQL support built-in, many extensions included, packaged as

Are sockets included in the "many extensions"?

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