On Tuesday 30 April 2002 22:57, Troy Lynch wrote:
> I'm currently rewriting a website in PHP and something I'm looking to do is
> login and logouts but also have a page to view who is logged at the present
> time. 

Assuming that you do not require a user to logout, there is no reliable 
method to determine whether a user is (still) logged in. The best you can do 
is know (1) When they logged in & (2) When their last request was.

> I've kinda made some login code which basically checks the database
> and then sets a cookie which I think I will change cause it looks like I
> wonna do session variables. Anways anyone either know of a decent
> authentication lib that I can use to check the users online and do
> authentication or can someone point me in the right direction in doing
> this?

There's something called php_lib_login that you can google for.

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