Most notable new features are block functions which act on
blocks of text {func}{/func}, and output filters which
act on the output of the templates.

Version 2.1.0

     - introduced output filters. (Andrei)
     - changed the way filters are loaded, added load_filter()
       API function and $autoload_filters variable. (Andrei)
     - added caching logic for expire times per cache file
       (Norbert Rocher, Monte)
     - fixed html_select_date when field separator is "/"
       (Roberto Berto, Monte)
     - added YYYY-MM-DD format support to html_select_date
       (Jan Rosier, Monte)
     - fixed cache_lifetime logic bug, also made -1 = never
       expire (Monte)
     - fixed directory separator issue for Windows. (Andrei)
     - added ability to use simple variables as array indices or
       object properties. (Andrei)
     - added ability to unregister pre/postfilters plugins at
       runtime. (Andrei)
     - added 'htmlall' attribute to escape modifier. (Monte)
     - added template_exists() API function. (Andrei)
     - fixed a problem with using dynamic values for 'file'
       attribute of {include_php} tag. (Andrei)
     - added $smarty.template variable. (Andrei)
     - fixed several plugins that would not work if the plugin
       directory was not the default one. (Andrei)
     - implemented support for block functions. (Andrei)
     - made it possible to assign variables in pre/postfilter
       plugins. (Andrei)

Director of Technology, ispi Inc.

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