Buon giorno, Emiliano,

Do you have root access to the system? If so, try downloading the gcc 
package from http://www.sunfreeware.com/. Installing it in package 
format should make everything work for you. Also make sure that your 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains the correct locations (such as /usr/local/bin, 
which it won't by default in Solaris).

Feel free to write back if you still run into problems.


Emiliano Marmonti wrote:
> Hi people,
> I know there is a lot of material about it. I´m installing PHP under Solaris 8 and 
>obtain the message that gcc cannot create executables. I know that gcc has libraries 
>that are not installed by default under Solaris. If I download a version of gcc newer 
>and complete will I pass this problem? Can you recommend me a site with some 
>instructions about doing that (I never had to install gcc)? Is a hard work?
> Thanks in advance
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