The -c option does not seem to work for me. I saw it in the manual and
was the first thing I tried.

It just seems to get ignored - The php scripts that are supposed to be
working under that directive work just fine... But they use the ini file
from c:\winnt

Any other ideas?



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sorry ;)

hit send by accident ;)

the command line for it is:

php.exe -c c:\anotherfolder\php.ini

or even:

php.exe -c c:\anotherfolder\pfp_for_iis.ini

etc etc...

hope this helps ;)

i use IIS5 also but at the moment only need one .ini...

i suggest looking at the above via Properties > Home Directory >

and edit the line for .php? I think that sould work.... lemme know ;)

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Subject: [PHP] Specify php.ini location in windows

I am having a small problem with PHP/Windows.
Windows 2000 Server
PHP 4.0.6
I have a server with a php.ini in the c:\winnt directory and a site
running fine with that configuration.
I need to set up a new site, using a different php.ini. The new site is
set up in IIS but I cannot find a way to make PHP look to a different
php.ini other than the one in c:\winnt.
I have tried using the -c command line option in the app mappings
section but to no avail. Here is what I have in the executable text box:
C:\Inetpub\php\php.exe -c z:\Dir\With\Other\IniFile %s %s
PHP pages execute fine but a page with phpinfo() shows that php is still
reading the file from c:\winnt\php.ini
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

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