So it executed the first if:

if (mysql_db_query ($DBName, $Query, $Link)) {
                         echo "<p><p><p><p>Your entry will be added<br>Click 
to go back.<p><p><p><p>";
                 } else {
                         echo "There was an error in during the posting, 
please contact <a 
href=\"mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]\";>the webmaster</a> and he will 
fix the problem.<br>";
 mysql_close ($Link);

but not the second one:

if (isset($Guestbook[mailinglist])) {

                         if (mysql_db_query ($DBName, $Query2, $Link)) {
                                 echo "Your e-mail address was sucessfully 
added to our mailinglist";
                         } else {
                                 echo "Your e-mail address will not be added 
to the mailinglist";
         mysql_close ($Link);
and yes, i am sure the checkbox is checked.


On Tuesday 30 April 2002 23:43, you wrote:
> I don't know, every time i submit the form w/ the checkbox checked. it
> gives me the echo string which comes when the if is not adds
> the entries from the form to the guestbook table, but doesn't add the name
> and email to the mailinglist table. it doesn't give me any php or mysql
> errors.
> Jule
> On Tuesday 30 April 2002 23:35, you wrote:
> > On Wednesday 01 May 2002 07:34, Jule wrote:
> > > Hey,
> > > This time it's not about missing quotes or parenthasies i hope.
> > > I'm trying to make a form which sends name, email, website, favsong and
> > > comments to table guestbook, but when the checkbox mailinglist is
> > > checked it should send the name and email to table mailinglist, but it
> > > doesn;t seem to work.
> >
> > We're not physic! How doesn't it work?

Jule Slootbeek

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