John Hughes wrote:
> For the second time in less than a week, the commercial Web service
> provider where I have four domains hosted has managed to break PHP.
> In particular, I get this message:
> Warning: mail() is not supported in this PHP build 
> I'm not interested in what causes the PHP mail() function to become
> unavailable. My problem is that the mail() function -- or, more to
> the point, the ability to send e-mail -- is "mission critical." No
> mail; no work. No work; unhappy boss. You get the idea.
> I'm looking for ideas on how I can defend against mail() failures.
> One idea I had would be to test 
> if(mail($to, $subj, $body, $headers)
> {
>   /* report ok send */
> } ELSE {
>   /* do alternative send */
> } 
> Any ideas of how that alternative send could work?  
> I do have an alternative service provider where I have access to PHP
> that works. Any ideas on the best way to redirect the $to, $subj,
> $body, $headers to a PHP script at the other domain and return some
> notification that the send did not report errors?

You may want to try this SMTP class instead:


And also this wrapper class to simplify message composition:


Manuel Lemos

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