Hello all,

I have an app that I wrote some time ago using Delphi and Kylix that retrieves e-mails 
from an account and save only .txt, .csv and .zip attachments to a directory and 
depending on the files it does some database processing such as updating records that 
are lated browsed with php scripts as well.

So, what I want is to rewrite that app but use PHP instead. The reason is that I will 
have this script running on a very reliable and stable Linux machine as a daemon.

I was browsing the PHP documentation and I've noticed  that there's a part dedicated 
to IMAP, POP and NMTP functions.

I've already wrote scripts that send e-mail zip attachments, end .txt and html 
content. As far as sending e-mail I believe that I've mastered the thing.

I would like to ask you some tips and path pointing on the following:

1) Connect to a POP server.

2) Retrieve messages and save .ZIP, .TXT ou .CSV attachments only.

3) If the attachments are not .ZIP, .TXT or .CSV just delete the e-mail message.

3) Delete messages from server after downloading them.

Can anyone share with me some experience on this or maybe point me out some of the 
built in functions that would do the job?

Thank you in advance,

Carlos Fernando Scheidecker Antunes.

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