I'm proud to announce the next release of QaDRAM Studio, this is the first
release I can say is "usable", where usable means, you can use it as a text
editor, and to build the initial structure of your pages. I say this because
templates are working right now, based on ModeliXe, this support is made
through a plug-in so there will be support for another templates in the
future. Also you can access databases using ADO DB, this support has been
implemented in a set of components, this means there will be support for
another data access components in the future. I have tried not to be tied to
anything, you can setup the project to not use templates at all and generate
a single file like in previous versions. I have put online a really small
tutorial about the use of QaDRAM Studio, it covers the first steps and bit
of JavaScript and databases. You can find the tutorial at
http://studio.qadram.com/tutorial, and the release is available at
http://studio.qadram.com/download.php?op=getit&lid=12 and I think it's worth
a download respect the previous version.

Remember you always can help the development of this project spreading the
word about it, speak about it on forums, send messages to a friends, and
tell everyone you know to give it a look. Also you can report any bugs you
find at http://bugs.qadram.com.

Best Regards.

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