Use $_GET["fn"] and $_GET["ln"], or $_POST[], depending on your action.

Does anybody read the release notes for a product before you download and
install it? I'm just going to save a standard message that covers this
because I see questions like this continuing until everybody upgrades.

---John Holmes...

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> I have two linux boxes running Apache 2.0.35 with PHP 4.2.0RC4.  Sunday I
> did a bunch work from home on one system, moved to the second system and
> everything was working on both systems..  This morning I modifed one
> of code on the second system work and now I don't seem to get anything to
> work.  I went back to the old stuff that was working and nothing.  I have
> check the old code and the updated  code on system one and it is still
> working.
>     So I went back to the basics.  I can execute phpinfo() without a
> problem, but if I try to use a simple form to pass variable from an html
> page to the php script, I don't get anything from the php script.
> Here is the simple html file:
> <form action=scripts/insert-user.php method=GET>
>           <table border="1" frame="box" width="740" height="30">
>         <tr>
>           <td>*First Name:
>             <input type=text name=fn size="40">
>           </td>
>           <td>*Last Name:
>             <input type=text name=ln size="40">
>           </td>
>         </tr>
>       </table>
> <input type="submit" value="Submit">
> </form>
> The php script has the following lines
> <?php
>     echo $fn;
>     echo $ln;
> ?>
> I have tried using both POST and GET.  At least with GET I see the url as
> "insert-user.php?fn=mark&ln=pelillo".  But the echo statements output
> nothing.
> Any thoughts??????
> Mark Pelillo

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