Because of the way I'm including files and passing
variables on the url I'm finding it difficult to get
the information I need from my log analyzer (I'm using
an older version of Web Trends). I thought I'd email
the list and see if anybody else has had the same
problem and has found a solution.

On my website I have one main file that I use...

1) to bring in dynamic information from the database
(I just add the article id information to the url . .
. ie, "index.php3?article_id=12&category_id=44")

2) or to include php files or html files. I just add
the name of the html or php file to the url . . . ie,

That way I only need to update "index.php3" anytime
the layout of the site changes. 

The log analyser will count
"index.php3?article_id=12&category_id=44" as a
separate page than
"index.php3?file_name=a_php_form.php3" which is great
-- they are separate content areas afterall.

The problem is that in some cases I am also passing
form information on the URL .... for example
Now when I run the log analyzer it will list
as a separate page than
Ooops that's a problem cause they are the same content
area and now I'm ending up with 5 zillion separate
scores in the log analyzer for them. I could use a
cookie to save that form information, but I'm hoping
to avoid it.

It would be nice if there were a log analyzer
available that you could just type part of a url into,
for example "index.php3?file_name=a_php_form.php3",
and then get a score for any url containing that
phrase. Or perhaps a program that would parse the log
file into IP Address / Date / Time / HTTP Request.
Then I could play around with it in a spreadsheet

I'm sure one day down the road I'll be looking back at
this problem and realize I missed something really
obvious, but for now does anybody have any bright

Rita Mikusch

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