Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I went with
EditPlus 2. The project features, easy access to all
files, and directory-wide search-and-replace
functionality are what hooked me. I'm still looking
around, though, so if anyone has any other
suggestions, let me know.

The Zend product looks nice, but tell me I have a
six-hour download time (?!). I have a slow connection,
okay...? :) Stupid dialups. I'll download it first
thing when I have six hours to spend.

The big disappointment was QaDRAM Studio, which was so
buggy and unstable, it only took me until I tried to
create a project (the first thing I did upon loading
the software) before it crashed my entire system and
forced me to reboot. Trying to uninstall it is
impossible, as well, since when I try to repair,
remove, or modify it, it proceeds to tell me that it
can't do any of these on software that isn't
installed. Go figure, since I installed it about five
minutes prior. I stayed away from this after about
thirty seconds. I can only promise these results in
Win98; any other system, install at your own risk.

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