I'm new to PHP and can't get through my first script. I want to create a
form that will allow the user to attach a file. I started with the file
upload part of the form thinking that it ould give me the most problem, and
it has.

This is the error message that shows when I view the page in the browser:

Warning: Undefined variable: File in
D:\inetpub\thegospellady\www\kia\form.php on line 8
here is the url to the form: http://www.thegospellady.com/kia/form.php

Please help.

/* This next conditional determines whether or not to handle the form,
depending upon whether or not $File exists. */
if($File) {
  print ("File name: $File_name<P>\n");
  print ("File size: $File_size<P>\n");
  if(copy($File, "/users/$File_name")) {
   print ("Your file was successfully uploaded!<P>\n");
  } else {
   print ("Your file could not be copied.<P>\n");

print ("Upload a file to the server:\n");
print ("<FORM ACTION=\"form.php\" METHOD=POST
print ("File <INPUT TYPE=FILE NAME=\"File\" SIZE=20><BR>\n");
print ("<INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT NAME=\"SUBMIT\" VALUE=\"Submit!\"></FORM>\n");

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