I wan't to make directory browsing like yahoo or google over

For example look on

I have made myself 2 diferent ways. One is quicker but more
complex and oher is slower but easy to read and understand.

In my table i have this colums

id_cat, name, id_parent, level

What i want to know is if anybody have done this and how. I
want to know if i'm doing right way or is there another way.

1.) In my first way i fisrt select data from db with
condition where id_parent='some_category'.

Then i recursively run thru array of id_cat's which i have
from previsious query. And get data for sub categories.

This method is simple to program but it's slow on many

2.) second way i use colum level to help get second query.
First query is the same as on 1st example. In second query i
select all categories which is one level lower than this i'm
id. But then i have to program to delete all neceseary data
from this array.

This method was quicker but more complex.

I hope this is understandable. I wan't to know how to code
this. Is there maybe another way (better way) to solve this.
Is maybe somewhere class for this.


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