Thanks for the input, for added information - we have a multitude of
servers, 1 software development one plus several live servers.

The aim is to have the live servers cvsup the latest "STABLE" branch from
the development / deployment server... the issue of concurrent working is
strickly in the development realm as there are usually 2 / 3 developers
working on the same area of the project at the same time (one might modify
the input algorythms, while another improves the security for example).

I'll see what I can do with your suggestion.. Ive read through the entire
documentation at (man that was a labourous task) and I still
dont think I grasp it fully... guess its time to jump in at the deep end.


Dan Hardiker [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
ADAM Software & Systems Engineer
First Creative Ltd

> At 10:08 AM +0100 2/5/02, Dan Hardiker wrote:
>>As these files need to be executed via a web browser, I can only think
>>I would have to check out *all* the files, and then point my webserver
>>at my local directory. Then I only check back in the ones I change,
>>releasing the others.
> Yes, you need to use a local copy of the entire site for development.
> If you're doing your editing on a machine not running a web server, PHP
> and a database this causes some problems.
> To get around this I generally run two versions of a site on the
> server. I make and verify all the changes on a development version then
> move the entire development site to the live server.
> This can still be tricky, as you don't want the development site
> working with the live data. So you need to run a test database as
> well.
>>This is not too bad if Im on my own but when multiple people are
>>working on the same tree together there will be locks all over the
>>place as CVS wont know which file I am working on. It will just know
>>Ive checked out all the files.
> You need to do more reading on the way CVS works. Everyone can work on
> whatever files they like. There won't be any locks at all. Except when
> someone is actively checking in some modifications (typically a few
> seconds).
> The C in CVS means concurrent. Which means multiple users working on
> the files at once.
> ...R.

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