Prior to submittal the PHP variable $maxa has no value.  PHP is a server
side language, not a client side language.

If you want to use the value of a form in javascript use the javascript
objects to access the value of the field.


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Subject: [PHP] passing PhP parameter to JavaScript function

Hi guys,

>From PhP, I want to call JavaScript and pass argument to it 

For some reason when I do the following: 
onClick=\"return lastCheck($maxa);\ 

and printout maxa in JavaScript, it says maxa is undefined.... 

maxa is defined in PhP form section. User enters value into a form which
name is maxa. Prior to submittal, I'd like to do smth with the value.

Any ideas why? 

Thanks a lot!

Leon Zilber
HP Internet Operation R&D Lab
phone: 973.443.78.82

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