> > Alright that's good to hear. In a specific case that I'm having
> > this problem
> > the main PHP file is including file (content) that refers to
> > $_SESSION[nSID_PeopleID] in main. This value is vital in
> > rendering the page.
> > So it should be there right? Also about removing 
> session_name(), how can I
> > do this. It was my understanding that you must call 
> session_name before
> > session_start() and session_register(). Is this not correct?
> Ahhh, so that's your problem then....the include isn't 
> getting the session
> id.  I've never used an include with a session setup before 
> but I would see
> the easiest thing to do be have the include first echo the 
> session id number
> and see if it is actually getting passed or not on the first call
> echo session_id();

Yuppers. I played around with the echo session_id(); and found it was not
getting into the scope of the included file. So I removed all
session_register() and replaced it with $_SESSION['varname'] = 'value'; and
it solve the problem. Your not suppose (not recommended) to use
session_register() anways, right?

Thanks for the help!

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