Hi all, I am having a problem with getting this to work properly.  When a
user select DELETE I want an alert to pop up and say HEY YOUR DELETING
THIS.  This portion is working properly.  If you hit CANCEL the desired
effect takes place NOTHING.  But if you really want to cancel this record,
it bombs out.  I am not sure where to put the coding for this.  Any one
habve a quick answer for this.  I would greatley appreciate it. Thank you
in advance.

the variable $conf_id  is where I am having the problem

<script language="javascript">
function conf()
var x=confirm("Are you sure you want to DELETE this Entry ?")
if (x)
alert("No Deletions Made")
$db = mysql_pconnect("localhost", "uname", "upass");
mysql_select_db("distributor_db", $db);
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM main",$db);

echo "<table width=95% border=1 align=center>";
echo "<tr><td width=22%><b>Company</b><td width=22%><b>Name</b><td
width=22%><b>Email</b><td width=22%><b>Phone</b><td width=22%
while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result))
          $conf_id = $myrow["user_id"]
          echo "<tr><td>".$myrow["company"]."<td>".$myrow["fname"]."
          echo "<td align=center><a href=\"view.php?id=".$myrow
          echo "<td align=center><a href=\"update.php?id=".$myrow
          echo "<td align=center><a href=javascript:onclick=conf
echo "</table>";

Thank You


Daniel Negrón
Lotus Notes Administrator / Developer
KB Electronics, Inc.


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