user-defined session handlers. I'll start with how I have set up the 
handlers, please correct the process if it is wrong:

-- BOF --

function sess_open($save_path, $session_name) {
     // open a database connection

function sess_close() {
     // close the database connection

function sess_read($id) {
     // return data from saved record in db

function sess_write($id, $sess_data) {
     // write $sess_data to record in db

function sess_destroy($id) {
     // delete record from db

function sess_gc($maxlifetime) {
     // delete expired records from db

     'sess_open', 'sess_close', 'sess_read', 'sess_write',
     'sess_destroy', 'sess_gc'


// php code for page goes here

-- EOF --

Doing things that way, everything seems to work.. sorta.. one major 
exception, though:

function redirect_page($url){
     header("Location: ${url}");

session_write_close() does not call my sess_write() routine. Instead it 
seems to be using PHP's default files method every time.

Because of this, I am forced to call my lower-level routine directly:

sess_write(session_id(), serialize($_SESSION));

This works as a work-a-round, but I would much rather use PHP's 
pre-defined session_write_close(). Is this a bug or am I doing something 


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