Yeah. If I understand correctly, if you do, like:

$seed = time();

$var = rand(0,50);
echo "$var\n";

$var2 = rand(0,50);
echo "$var2\n";

Then, I believe, the theory is that you will get the same "random" 
number twice.


Miguel Cruz wrote:
> On Thu, 2 May 2002, Gerard Samuel wrote:
>>Quick question.  Im using srand to seed array_rand in a script.
>>I read that srand should only be called once per script under the srand 
>>manual page.
>>Im using ADODB, and that also uses srand.  Now should that warning be a 
>>literal warning or should that
>>be 'use srand once per page'??
> It's probably not worth worrying about unless both calls use the same seed 
> and you are generating one or more random numbers between the two srand() 
> calls that are part of the same sequence as random numbers generated after 
> the second one.
> miguel

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