Oh, i agree entirely.

Ok, i'll look into the logging/mailing solution - something i've been doing
in ASP for years but am new to in PHP.



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> Sent: 03 May 2002 11:57
> Subject: RE: [PHP] Re: PHP with MySQL
> Hi Ben,
> > John, presumably I can leave the error reporting on -
> > but pipe it into a file if i wanted, rather than
> > displaying on screen, and then redirect the user to
> > another page?
> Of course you can - I generally have my pages send me email when
> they throw
> an error, but that's because I'm really lazy and I can't be bothered to go
> and check log files all the time <g>
> It's just not a stunning idea to display an error messages that give away
> out any information you could hold back - one of the starting
> points for an
> attacker is to try and mess up your query strings, and if you're merrily
> telling them exactly what the problem is, you're helping them out :-)
> Cheers
> Jon

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