I am using Apache php and MySQL at work and at home, at work I have a win98
box and I use Maguma Studio Light for php as an editor, at home I use VIM
for my editor, Maguma is really working for me. What I did was download php,
MySql, and Apache then find a good tutorial, of which there are many, on the
net that deals with all three and how to correctly install them. Once you
figure out the config files, its as easy as pie baby.

Then you can view your test scripts through ie, or hook Maguma up to work
with php and it renders the pages for you right in the editor. And trust me
its easy to do. One more thing, if you haven't already I recommend getting
phpMyAdmin to administer your mysql databases, this combination blows any
purchased product out of the water with ease of use and speed.


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        Hi, i am new to the list and i am quite impressed with whats going
on over 
here. Anyway, just have a small question.
        Have been coding php for a while now but i still havent found a
(easy and not time consuming) way of working in PHP, i mean, i use 
homesite5 to code and when i want to test the php i upload the scripts and 
test them on the site. This process is a bit time consuming, so i installed 
php on my winXP, but even like that i can only test small things using php 
master editor.
        Anyone know how i can make my work more efficient? Like install
MySQL and 
PHP and get everything working normally when i preview the code in internet 
explorer, that would be perfect, is it possible? How do you guys and girls 
work with php, what editors and/or tools you use?


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