On Fri, 3 May 2002, Miva Guy wrote:
> I'm want to read a member's record and export the selected data to a
> downloadable vCard.
> The vCard is simply a text file with a .vcf extension. Once I've read all
> the data for that user, I need to create the file line by line with a \r\n
> at the end of each.
> Example:
> N:List;PHP;Mailing
> FN:PHP Mailing List
> REV:20020503T111208Z
> How do I export each line to a text file then move that newly created file
> to a web root subdirectory?

Unless you're doing a zillion of these at once, or you expect truly high
levels of downloads, wouldn't you want to just generate these on the fly
and hand them out with the appropriate Content-Type header? Doesn't seem
like there's much point in storing them on disk, as creating them in
memory is very cheap.


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