Once I had a bit of experience with variable
variables, I found them very useful. 

But I did discover that you can't embed variable
variables (or values from arrays) in the SQL
statements I was sending to MySQL. I had to create a
temporary variable for use in my SQL statements. I'm
not sure why, whether I was missing something. 

Rita Mikusch

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I agree with Jason and Miguel, but if you really want
to do this, you could 

$type = "basic";
$user = $type."_user";
$$user = "jaxn";
echo $basic_user;

I can see where something like this *could* be useful,
but I'd still use 
the arrays.


At 12:43 PM 5/2/02, Jackson Miller wrote:
>I want to do something along the lines of:
>$type = "basic";
>$$type_user = "jaxn";
>echo $basic_user;
>and have the output be "jaxn".

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