Again, thanks to folks on the list I learned the "stupid IE trick" for
opening an Excel worksheet in the browser from a PHP generated table. Here
is another quick my DB query for the values I have

SUM(IF(If FOO is this, return this number, else return a blank)) that looks
like this really
SUM(IF(RecordID = '100101', 1, ''))

Which works correctly BUT, if the statement is false it does not show a
blank cell in the worksheet, but a "0" (zero).
I have tried
stuff, 1, '\'' (escape a tick which Excel normally uses to display numbers
as text)
stuff, 1, ' ' (a space)
stuff, 1, NULL (which still returns a zero)
stuff, 1,     (which throws errors)
stuff, 1, '\"\"' (which still returns a zero)
stuff, 1, '\ ' (escape a space)

The worksheet still has zero values displayed, no matter what I do (except
for that which throws errors). Ideas?



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