When a php script uses mail() and sendmail, if the e-mail address is not 
right, the e-mail is returned to the envelope sender (the hosting 
provider), NOT to the "From", "Reply-To",  "Return-Path", or any other 
additional headers included in mail().

Apparently, this problem is faced by any user who utilizes a hosting provider.


I've found 2 php classes (developed by Manuel Lemo) that address this problem.

The first, email_message.php was built to send MIME-encoded messages.

The second, sendmail_message extends the first by addressing the 
return-path problem.

Unfortunately, the first parses the message to allow sending MIME-encoded 
messages.  For many who are only sending plain text messages, this is 
unnecessary processing.


I would like to consolidate these 2 classes and eliminate the 
parsing.  Unfortunately, I'm a newbie and need help from the pros.

If anyone is interested in participating in this project, please e-mail me 
directly at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

After completion this "new" class would be submitted to 
for everyone to use.


Anthony F. Rodriguez

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