Paras Mukadam wrote:
> Dear all,
> How is PHP similar to / different than JSP ? I mean, in JSP the page is
> compiled the first time it runs on the web-browser, then the next time it
> finds the .class file and just runs it. i.e. the compiling is "just" the
> first time !! How does it work in PHP? Does PHP has any way to figure out
> whether it's first time ? that is does PHP compile .php file to some
> .compiled_php type and then it gives the output ?

If you're using the Zend Accelerator, or PHPA from, or APC from
or bware from someone else (sorry, can't remember the URL)
then the PHP process would only compile the first time and
store the bytecode for execution on subsequent requests.

18 months ago, eweek did a ecommerce store benchmark comparison
between CF, ASP, JSP and PHP.  JSP, at the time, got 13
page requests per second.  PHP had 47.  PHP was NOT using
any caching technology in that benchmark, but presumably JSP
was.  No doubt the JSP engine (Tomcat in that demo) has improved,
but I would suggest PHP has improved as well.

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