I have a big problem and cannot find the answer anywhere, so please,
help me if you can. When I use fwrite() function on webserver, it
sometimes happens, that more then one user accesses the file and the
result is, that the file is corrupted or truncated. A good example of
this problem is webpage access counter. I know, that I can use MySQL
to count accesses, but on some servers I can't. When I have this
counter as a file on my server and read/write into it, there's only a
question of time, when it corrupts itself. Please, can you help me to
solve this problem? I think, that the easiest solution should be to
prevent more that one user to write to that file, but I have no idea,
how to do this. Or is there any other way to prevent that files from
their corruption? I'll be very happy, if you help me with this
Thank you in advance.
Miloslav Dornak

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